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Key Benefits

A new way to understand your organisation

Enhance Insights

By optimising your skills we enhance the insights assessments provide while simultaneously making them easier for employees to complete.

Adopt Best Practice

It’s our job to be the skills management experts. A partnership with Educrowd means your organisation will always stay on top of global best practices for skills management.

Understand Any Topic

From statistical correlations to bespoke presentations, Educrowd’s technical skills and experience with Skills Base means we can answer just about any question you have about your organisation’s skills.

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Insights We Deliver

Choose what you discover

Custom Reports

Need your data presented in a certain way? What about having Skills Base reports branded with your logo? Let us know what you need and we can make it happen.

Skill Set Analysis

We can help you optimise skills in several ways:

  •  Discover which skill names and descriptions employees struggle to understand
  •  Identify which skills have been assigned to roles they may not be relevant to
  •  Detect whether a skill category is too large or poorly organized, leading to employees becoming distracted during assessments
Assessment Optimisation

We’ll analyse how everyone in your organisation conducts skill assessments in Skills Base and use this data to provide you with deep insight into the assessment behaviour of your organisation. You’ll learn which skills your employees are struggling with, what skills employees don’t pay enough attention to, how often staff read skill assessments and much more!

360 Staff Feedback

We’ll improve the quality of your organisational skills in a three simple steps. First, we’ll provide all your organisation’s staff with a detailed questionnaire targeting their expereince with assessments in Skill Base. We’ll then what we learn to discover where you can make improvements. Finally, we’ll use our expertise in skills management to provide detailed recommendations for addressing identified issues.

Custom Exports

Need your data in a non-CSV format? Let us know and what you’re after and we’ll provide what you need!

Benchmark Report

We’ll evaluate your current approach to skills management and provide you with in-depth discussion, helpful commentary and practical advice all designed to enhance your organisational knowledge, reduce staff turnover and improve team performance


Here are some answer to our frequently asked questions

Why is it important to optimise skills?
Research has shown that clarity of skill names, descriptions and categorisation directly influences the value organisations derive from skills management as well as how long an organisation sticks with their skill management processes.
Where can I learn more about the Skills Base approach to competency management?
Right here
How does Educrowd stay on top of the latest practices in skills management?
We collaborate with industry experts, seek feedback from customers, attend education conferences, and keep tabs on academic publications regarding skill and competency management. We go to all this effort because we’re passionate about what we do and it helps us ensure we’re delivering the best possible guidance to users of Skills Base.

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