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Assign staff skills by role, team, or your own custom selection. Easily edit these skills later on to keep up with changes in your organisation.


Fast, customised supervisor and self-asessments maximise completion rates, so you’re left with the most valuable organisational insights.


Competency targets let your staff know what they’re aiming for. Trends allow you to see how fast staff are improving.

50,000 users across 20+ countries!

Why use Skills Base?

Improved retention

Skills Base helps organisations align staff interests with their work, reveal training oppotunities, and manage teams. Taking control of these challenges improves staff satisfaction, leading to reduced staff-turn over and re-training costs!

Valuable insights

Skills Base’s Master Rating scheme keeps performance metrics consistent, letting you easily compare performance and growth metrics across teams, roles, departments, and individuals.

Data your way

Visualise insights with customised and preset reports. If you’d like to use your organisation’s data externally, it’s yours to download for free..

Flexible skill management

Organise skills your way with custom hierachies. Then assign skills to users accoring to their role, team, or a custom setup just for them.

Target your training

Effective skill assessment and tracking means you can personalise the training your employees recieve with ease.

Fast to setup

Complete setup can be achieved in under an hour.

Intuitive skill management

Add, remove and edit skills in seconds. Simply click on your target skill then select the action you’d like to take. To recategorise skills, just drag and drop selected skills to their new category.

Rapid skill assessments

Supervisors and general staff alike can complete skill and interest assessments in minutes, without the need for prior training.

Powerful visuals

Analyse your entire organisation your way by selecting who and what you’d like to report on. Or get an in depth view on an individual’s skills by clicking on their profile and viewing their Skill Dashboard.


Educrowd is an Australian based software company, with a passion for improving the way organisations manage skills and deliver educational material. Educrowd was founded by software veteran, Nick Stanley, who believed that most skill management and training tools available to organisations weren’t reliable, simple, or effective enough. Today Nick and the rest of the Educrowd team are working hard to solve some of the biggest problems in the commercial training and education space. In

In 2017 Educrowd became the official enterprise partner for Skills Base; providing customers with premium services and support which went above what the Skills Base team was able to offer on their own.


When it comes time to integrate new systems with your existing workflows, you’ll be in good hands. Our development team help you launch fast, integrate smoothly and get it right first time.

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A strong technical background means there’s no software issue we can’t overcome. With live chat and remote desktop support available, you can expect to have your issues solved fast.

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With one-on-one lessons from the experts, you’ll quickly become confident as a power user and be able to bring the full potential of effective skills management to your organisation.

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We analyse your data so you can gain valuable insights about your organisation. A partnership with us means you’ll always stay on top of global best practices for skills management.

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Nick Stanley,

Educrowd CEO

“As the former founder / CEO of education technology business Sky Software and then MD (APAC) for Tribal Group, I faced the challenge of managing the skills of a diverse range of personnel. Ultimately I was lucky enough to come across Skills Base. I found the platform to be the best and most simple solution available for solving skills management conundrum. I liked it so much I invested in Skills Base and established a high-performance team to implement, support, advise and assist with your skills and training challenge. I look forward to helping you!”

What Does Educrowd Offer?

✅ System setup
✅ Software integration
Single sign-on
✅ Custom solution
✅ Additional training
✅ 8/5 live chat
✅ 8/5 phone support
✅ 8/5 remote desktop
✅ Email support
✅ Custom solution
✅ Instance auditing

Educrowd supports enterprise customers of Skills Base with 21 different service and support functions.


We’re constantly updating our services by rapidly adapting to customer feedback.

✅ Custom exports
✅ Custom reports
✅ Language translations
Skill migration
Skill Identification 
✅ Skill optimisation 
Account manager
✅ Software Training
✅ Skill management training
✅ Skill gap Analysis



We arm you with marketing material to promote Skills Base and Educrowd’s Enterprise services.

Organisations you’ve contacted get in touch with Educrowd

If the organisations you’ve turned into leads sign up for our services, we’ll pay you!

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Educrowd are experts in skill and training management. We’ve developed a range of high-value services designed to add value to Skills Base..

You can white-label all our high-value services. Educrowd will support you every step of the way so you can be confident in offering our services.

You will receive a percentage of the revenue that customers spend on your white-labelled services.


20% of sales

    We’ll give you 20% of the revenue from any lead you bring in

x 1 Year

    For the first year that lead is with us


    Earning you up to $8,000 USD per lead!


“It’s awesome”
Drew A, ConnectWise


“Excellent system – enables us to manage our skill set effectively and efficiently.”
Andy C, Design Packaging Group Limited

“The program is excellent!”
Corina Abraham-Barna, MSCA NCP

“We have been using Skills Base for our company and find the tool very valuable. It is easy to use.”
Stickney Kunanayagam, Fronde


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