360 Staff Feedback

We’ll improve the way your organisation conducts skill assessments by revealing industry best practise guidelines and the latest in academic research.

Account Manager

Get the personal touch. We’ll assign a single person from Educrowd as your dedicated Account Manage who will ensure your queries and issues are resolved quickly.

Assessment Advice

We’ll improve the way your organisation conducts skill assessments by revealing industry best practise guidelines and the latest in academic research.

Assessment Analytics

We’ll analyse how your staff behave during skill assessments and help you identify areas for improvement to your organisation’s skill set.

Assessment Optimisation

Based on the behaviour of your staff during skill assessments, we’ll provide you with expert advice for how you can improve your organisation’s skill set.

Benchmark Report

We’ll evaluate your current approach to skills management and provide you with in-depth discussion, helpful commentary and practical advice all designed to enhance your organisational knowledge, reduce staff turnover and improve team performance.

Custom Exports

Need your data in a non-CSV format? Let us know and what you’re after and we’ll provide what you need!

Custom Reports

Need your data presented in a certain way? What about having Skills Base reports branded with your logo? Let us know what you need and we can make it happen.

Data Migration

We can help you get the most out of Skill Base’s bulk upload feature by providing you with best practise guidance and supporting you throughout the process.

Email Support

At Educrowd, your support emails will always be directed to experts in Skills Base and skills management.

Language Translation

Have a multilingual team? No problem. Skills Base has native English support and can add additional languages upon request.

Live Chat Support

Want solutions fast? Our support team can hook you up with live chat so you never have to wait around for a solution again.

Phone Support

Prefer getting support over the phone? We’ve got you covered.

Remote Desktop Support

Are you a visual learner? Our support team are specialists in providing remote desktop support. This way not only do we solve your problem, we show you how it’s done!

Single Sign-On Setup

Our expert technical team will work with you to integrate Skills Base into your existing Single Sign-On system.

Skill Creation Advice

We’ll improve the quality and relevance of your organisation’s skills by providing you with our collection of research backed strategies for effective skill building and management. We’ll even throw in an online lesson to maximise your learning!

Skill Set Analysis

We’ll improve the quality of your organisation’s skills by having an Educrowd skill management expert review your skill set, identify areas for improvement, and provide practical advice you can implement immediately.

Software Integration

Skills Base can integrate with HR programs and other software you use to share the wealth of information across your organisation.

Software Training

We want you to become as good at using the Skills Base software as we are! To achieve this we’ll provide online training sessions at a time that fits your schedule.

System Setup

We can help you import your entire organisation, setup your teams, roles and locations, configure all your settings and create the right reports for you and your teams.

Training Material

We provide Quick Start Guides and FAQ documents designed for your Skills Base Administrators, Supervisors, and front-line staff.

Manage staff skills quickly and easily at scale

We offer a turnkey solution to organisations of 250+ employees and support you every step of the way.

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