Know what you’re dealing with, qualify and quantify the skills of your greatest asset. Perform an audit of workforce assets to identify competency and capability, evaluate, and make sound decisions to align talent to business drivers.

Enhanced Decision Making

Strategic decision making can be difficult without high level organisation wide data. Skills Base provides up to date information about assets and capability across departments, teams and locations.

Retain Top Talent

Benefit from happier and more productive employees that have capability matched to business operations. Retain top talent and decrease staff turnover rates.

Align Business and Workforce

Create competency frameworks that align cultural and business strategies to current and future capability. Build a workforce that know their jobs and understand how they add value. Develop leaders who know what to do, when and why.

Optimise Business Operations

Ensure you have the right analytics, training and talent in place to plan resources and meet demand. Benefit from happier and more productive employees that have capability matched to business operations.

Stay Innovative and Competitive

Enable faster reactions to change and drive innovation. Assign emerging skills to recruitment roles or existing teams. Quickly add new technical skills to success profiles, find talent within your organisation and leverage knowledge for mentoring or internal recruitment.

Improve the Bottom Line

Lower costs by ensuring that every role adds value to the bottom line. A tighter alignment of talent to business KPIs drives efficiency, resulting in a higher ROI for talent management activities.

Rapid Deployment and Results

A non-ERP solution that can be rapidly deployed for accurate results without the need for lengthy procurement process or organizational change.

Why it Matters

Mastering skills management gives organizations an edge in the marketplace.

Among other benefits, our customers experience:

Improved staff training

Greater organisational insights

Improved team management

Increased staff productivity

Greater customer loyalty

Improved resource allocation

Increased customer satisfaction

Increased staff satisfaction

Reduced staff turnover

Faster skills management

See for yourself

Investing in skills management is a smart move for any organization. This is a belief supported by extensive research and a wealth of Skills Base customer case studies and testimonials.

If you’re interested in improving business outcomes by mastering skills management, contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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