Mergers & Acquisitions

Perform due diligence using a best practice skill management forensic tool. A structured approach to auditing and assessing the capability of an organization’s greatest asset.


Assess Team Capability

Understand the capability of the team, relative to the strategy and outcomes you wish to pursue through the acquisition.

Measure the Greatest Asset

A lot of effort is put into the forensics of a business during due diligence, such as financial, commercial and legal, yet people typically overlook the most important asset in the acquisition, staff skills. With Skills Base you can use powerful visual tools to understand skill levels across an entire organization, not just key appointments.

Set Workforce Benchmarks

Skills Base offers a simple and highly constructive tool to rapidly assess the skills of the entire team, relative to a benchmark you define. Importantly it also allows you to understand the interests and ambitions of potential future employees.

Establish Positive Change

Analyzing your staff’s skills frequently leads to great outcomes for employees. The results form the basis for developing career path plans and training opportunities, two of the biggest priorities staff have. 


Showcase Top Talent

You want to be seen as knowing your people and investing in them in a strategic and targeted way. Maximizing the capability of your people and providing proof points of this through defined plans and insights, significantly adds to the real value of your business. This is one of the fundamental intangibles that will directly influence the multiples that acquirers are willing to pay for your business.

Maximise Workforce Value

Skills Base empowers you to build the capabilities of your team from the bottom up and give your the insight you need to ensure you’re retaining the right people. When you are looking to sell your business, Skills Base becomes an essential tool to increase the value of your business, and sends a strong message to your team that they are valued, and you are investing in building their skills and capabilities.

Why it Matters

Skills Base can be rapidly deployed either leading up to taking the business to market in advance of a Due Diligence process, or introduced early in the Due Diligence process as a proactive discovery step. Among other benefits, our clients experience:

Improved decision making

Deeper insights across organization

 Competitive advantage

Rapid skills auditing & deployment

Retain top talent

 HR Due Diligence

 Set and assess workforce benchmarks

Qualify and quantify people skills

See for yourself

Partnering with a skills management expert is a smart move for any Acquirer, Advisor or Seller.

If you’re interested in improving outcomes for you or your clients by utilizing skills management tools and services, contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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