Realise the potential of your greatest asset. Identify skill gaps and perform training needs analysis. Quickly find skilled employees for a job, client or project.

Human Resources

Drive value to your business by better understanding your staff’s skills.


Identify internal candidates across global operations based on consistent assessment results.


Gain more clarity, competence and confidence when making selection decisions.


Measure current staff performance, identify future potential to improve health of your talent pipeline.


Define the competencies, experience, knowledge and personal attributes required to develop your talent and make them successful.


Help talent address major challenges in their roles.


Identify strengths, capability gaps and development needs to gain clarity for performance discussions.


Identify and close skill gaps with evaluation and analytics for greater business impact.

Project Management

Understand the skills your team has and identify gaps. View in-house skills to access knowledge and expertise across an entire organization.


Gain instant access to the skills and talent you need internally to plan resources and meet demand.


Identify internal candidates across global locations within your organisation and leverage knowledge for mentoring or internal recruitment.


Rapidly audit your team skills to ensure you have access to the capability you need to plan resources and meet demand.


Know what you’re dealing with, qualify and quantify the skills of your greatest asset.

Learning & Development

Understand where the gaps lie to develop a targeted learning & development plan. Validate training outcomes by remeasuring for skill proficiency post-training.


Identify where the skill gaps are across the organisation.


Gather objective high-quality evaluation and analytics data to identify high-payoff development priorities.


Gain higher ROI from learning & development activities.


Re-audit staff post-training to validate and quantify learning outcomes, measure training effectiveness, gain insight on closing the skills gap and promote continuous improvement.

Why it Matters

Mastering skills management gives organizations an edge in the marketplace.
Among other benefits, our customers experience:

Improved staff training

Greater organisational insights

Improved team management

Increased staff productivity

Greater customer loyalty

Improved resource allocation

Increased customer satisfaction

Increased staff satisfaction

Reduced staff turnover

Faster skills management

See for yourself

Investing in skills management is a smart move for any organization. This is a belief supported by extensive research and a wealth of Skills Base customer case studies and testimonials.

If you’re interested in improving business outcomes by mastering skills management, contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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