The Skills Base Competency Framework

The Skills Base Competency Framework Maximizing your organization’s greatest asset The Skills Base Competency Framework is designed for organizations large and small and provides a best practice methodology for measuring and understanding the skills within a...

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The Importance Of Effective Staff Training

Organisations who fail to adopt a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to staff training suffer significant financial and non-financial consequences. A host of recent research into public and private enterprise has found effective staff training to be crucial to...

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Why Large Companies Collapse

Without the right approach to skills management, large companies collapse. In 2016, Innosight, the advisory firm led by Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen, found that companies fortunate enough to join the S&P 500 ranks manage to hold onto their...

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I liked it so much, I bought the company

Well, not quite! But this is a story about how I invested in a company that I didn't even realise I had a need for, until it was too late. In a previous role, and after a previous business I had founded was acquired, I ended up managing a regional business that was a...

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