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Skill Management

Why is it important to optimise skills?

Research has shown that clarity of skill names, descriptions and categorisation directly influences the value organisations derive from skills management as well as how long an organisation sticks with their skill management processes.

Where can I learn more about the Skills Base approach to competency management?

Right here

How does Educrowd stay on top of the latest practices in skills management?

We collaborate with industry experts, seek feedback from customers, attend education conferences, and keep tabs on academic publications regarding skill and competency management. We go to all this effort because we’re passionate about what we do and it helps us ensure we’re delivering the best possible guidance to users of Skills Base.


What are your support hours?

Our support times are 8am – 5pm AEST.

Are you able to solve technical problems with the Skills Base software?

Technical issues are referred to the Skills Base team.

What are your resolution times?

Queries and software usage issues are typically resolved during a single live chat or remote desktop session, or within a couple of hours of receiving your email. Technical issues are resolved according to Skill Base’s resolution times, outlined by Table 1.4 here.

Skills Base 

Where can I find the Skills Base website?
What are the benefits of skills management?

Effective skill management has been associated with:

  • Improved staff satisfaction
  • Improved staff retention (leading to cost savings through reduced need for retraining)
  • More effective and efficient workforce
  • A greater understanding among staff of their expected roles and responsibilities
Where is Educrowd’s Privacy Policy for the Skill Base product?
Where is the Technical Policy for Skills Base?
Are Educrowd services one-time or ongoing?

Both! Some of Educrowd’s services are designed for one-time implementation, i,e. System Setup. Other services are provided to your organisation periodically, i.e. Skillset Optimisation.

What if someone in our organisation leaves? what happens with that data?

As an organisation, you have complete control over the management of employee data. In the event of an employee leaving, managers usually choose to delete the old employee’s data. This removes their record and performance evaluation information permanently from the instance.

How long does it take to setup Skills Base?

Typically between three workdays to two weeks. In this time we’ll import and organise information on your organisation’s skills, roles, employees, teams, locations, competency targets, etc. We’ll also work with you to setup your settings, preferences, support and contact points.

Ultimately how long it takes to setup your Skills Base Instance depends on your organisation’s size and how readily available you’re able to make the information needed to create your Skills Base instance.

What information do I need to get started with my Skills Base instance?
  •  Skills: name, description, category
  •  Roles: name, description,
  •  Employees (required): first name, last name, email, assigned skills, security group (e.g. Administrator, Supervisor, Employee)
  •  Employees (optional): role, location, team,
  •  Your organisation’s contact points: technical team, billing, administrative
Where can I access information on the Skill Base API?
How are online training sessions delivered?

Training sessions are delivered online via Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom (depending on what software your organisation supports).

Do I need to prepare anything in advance for the training sessions?

Not at all. We do recommend however that you think about any specific topics you’d like to cover during the training sessions so that you get the most out of them.

Training Concierge

Is the Training Concierge actually free?

Yes! We really will direct you to the training solution we feel most suits your needs for free.

There will be a cost to access that solution if an external party charges for access to the material or if you request that Educrowd makes a unique training solution for you, but these services are different to the scope of the Training Concierge which exists solely to direct you to the right solution.

How do I get started?

Let us know what your training needs are by getting in touch with us via the live chat feature on the right of the Training Concierge page or the contact form on the bottom of the page.

Do I need Skills Base to use the Training Concierge service?

No, Skills Base isn’t required to benefit from Educrowd’s Training Concierge service. We do highly recommend the software however as it’s the best way to identify skill gaps within your organisation.

What sort of training material is available?

Content in video, text and picture formats, and a variety of assessment tools which vary according to provider.


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