Become Skills Base Experts

Key Benefits

A smart way to learn Skills Base

Software Mastery

With one-on-one lessons from the experts, you’ll quickly become a power user of Skills Base and be able to bring the full potential of effective skills management to your organisation.

Optimise Assessment

By learning how to effectively name, describe, assign and structure skills, your employees will finish their assessments faster and more reliably.

Gaining Independence

The support team at Educrowd work fast, but what’s even faster is being able to address an issue yourself. With our training you’ll quickly develop the confidence and ability to resolve basic issues yourself.

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Training We Provide

We provide training for interested Skills Base customers so they can become skill management masters. 

Training Material

We want your entire organisation to master Skills Base. That’s why we’ve put together carefully crafted Quick Start Guides and FAQ documents designed for your Skills Base Administrates, Supervisors, and Front-line staff. Use these documents to reduce the time your organisation takes to get up and running with Skills Base!

Online Training

We want you to become as good at using the Skills Base software as we are! To achieve this we’ll provide online training sessions at a time that fits your schedule!

Skill Creation Advice

The best skill managers are the ones who can name, describe, organise and assign skills correctly. Why not get lessons from the experts? Just ask and we’ll provide you with our collection of strategies for effective skill building and management. We’ll even throw in an online lesson to maximise your learning!

Assessment Advice

We’ll improve the accuracy of your supervisors’ assessments by training them to avoid the high number of unconscious biases which can unfairly influence their judgment of employee skill and performance levels; leaving you with more accurate assessments and enhanced insight into your organisation.


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